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Frugal Innovations for Student Engagement (FISE)
This initiative helps people who care about their students to continue to improve teaching and learning in small steps.  We especially encourage and actively support 
  • taking better advantage of available resources - old and new
  • more rapid, wider collegial sharing of improvements

We discuss, develop and share FISE resources, practices, policies, and ideas for colleges, universities and individuals within them.  We encourage and enable participants to help colleagues use, improve, and share further some of the participants' own favorite under-utilized low-threshold resources.

Frugal Innovations

Worthwhile, low-threshold, shareable improvements in teaching and learning.

Student Engagement

"Student Engagement" is a combination of students' commitment of their own time and energy to useful educational activities and students' attitudes toward those activities. 
Note:  No widely accepted definition yet available.  Related references, resources...

Strategy of Frugal Innovation
Take advantage of over-abundant,  under-utilized, "low-threshold" resources for improving teaching and learning with technology - in small steps.   
  • Identify (or create) small, important improvements
  • Use them
  • Confirm, improve, or reject them
  • Share them widely, easily, and effectively 
  • Make a difference soon

Steven Gilbert,
Apr 19, 2011, 1:03 PM