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Engaging the Next 10%

Dangerous Discussions, Questions, Queries

Dangerous Discussions

The TLT Group's Dangerous Discussions Initiative uses information technology as an excuse and a means for supporting civil, constructive communications among many different stakeholders in higher education. 

Guidelines and Ground Rules 
for Converting Dangerous Discussions to Constructive Communication

Why?  Why bother?

How?  Guidelines, tools...
What?  Which issues, topics?
e.g., Class Size  Blogs, wikis, ...

Our goal is to engage participants in mutually beneficial discussions about important and controversial issues - in problem areas where we can help them build something together, to improve teaching and learning – with technology. 

We seek ways of using technology to support, not undermine, communication and collaboration. 

We recognize that Web pages CANNOT be enough by themselves for these purposes;  but we hope that the Web pages we develop for this initiative - including this one - can be valuable resources when used effectively in workshops and other collaborative activities. 

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Note:  You can probably create a Web page more visually appealing than this one.    
Please send us a link when you do.  Steve Gilbert, President, TLT Group, 301 270 8312

To participate, or for more information, contact Sally Gilbert
301 270 8312