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Vision Worth Working Toward (VWWT)

A Vision Worth Working Toward
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Describing it.  Working toward it.

A "Vision Worth Working Toward" is more than an expectation and less than a prediction.  It must be an inspiring but plausible goal that participants can work toward and make visible progress - soon.  

Information technology can be the excuse and the means to make almost any kinds of change in education and elsewhere.  Think about the kinds of change that might happen to your students, your colleagues, your institution, and yourself.

"Why Bother?"  and "Visions Worth Working Toward" (VWWT) by Steven W. Gilbert, are essays and related Web-based  resources that - in the context of information technology's potential to be both excuse and means for improving education - help people:

i)  decide what needs to be transformed and what needs to be preserved
ii)  identify their own most important educational goals, and
iii)  develop shared Visions Worth Working Toward and institutional missions.

Most institutions benefit from revisiting individual and institutional goals every few years in response to  recurring pressures to justify investing so much time, money and effort to take advantage of new, apparently valuable educational uses of technology.   We recommend Fundamental Questions for Frugal Innovation.

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