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Frugal Innovations for Improving Teaching/Learning
Engaging the Next 10%
Nanovation &
(Paper) Bookmarks
small steps to BIG CHANGES

Definition of Nanovation  [Example:  Paper Bookmarks]
Sharing small improvements in small ways - widely, intentionally, repeatedly, collegially.

Using resources designed to support the sharing, adaptation, and use of specific improvements in teaching and learning with technology.  
Expanding peer-to-peer dissemination and implementation of small, important steps on a path to bigger improvements in teaching and learning with technology - to incremental exponential revolution.

Colleagues find these improvements easy to begin using and worthwhile to use more than once.  
Colleagues are encouraged to endorse and/or enhance the improvement before sharing it further.

Resources are available to enable and encourage ‘sharing further’ of a particular improvement to additional colleagues beyond the first sharer and the first direct beneficiaries.  

Units of Nanovation
This idea, “nanovation,” emerged from efforts to identify the essential characteristics of the smallest units of change that could begin and sustain incremental, exponential improvements in teaching and learning with technology.  
I.e., those units which can enable and encourage individual faculty members each to:
  • Make one low-threshold improvement in one course.
  • Get a little feedback and use that feedback to adapt and try that improvement again. [Or decide to reject this improvement - and explain why to colleagues.]
  • Help two or three colleagues make similar improvements. So that those colleagues are each similarly enabled and encouraged to try, adapt, retry, and help two more colleagues ... and so on.

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