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Engage the Next 10%

Share Improvements in Teaching/Learning with NoteTaking Bookmarks

Frugal Innovations for Student Engagement 

How to Use NoteTaking Bookmarks to Select and Share
Valuable Resources Found in Face-to-Face Events 

 Encourage and enable faculty to share valuable resources with more colleagues, more easily, more often.  Help faculty to identify and share information about Low-Threshold Applications/Activities for improving teaching and learning.  Support  Frugal Innovation.   See also:  How/Why Use Notetaking Bookmarks

Samples you can print, distribute for your own center, department, institution:       Generic          Editable (tailor for your purposes - Members Only)


Print and distribute note-taking bookmarks

Explain how to use note-taking bookmarks during conferences, etc.  

Collect, organize, share note-taking bookmarks 

Follow-up: Events, etc. that encourage FURTHER collegial sharing 


1.  This Web page:

2.  Paper Bookmarks
Can serve both as a device for summarizing useful, "shareworthy" improvements and as a supplement for collegial sharing and as a reminder of key elements

3.  Work in/with Small Groups
Suggestions for those who prefer to learn/work in a small group

Sample NoteTaking Bookmarks - For Adaptation & Use   [More...]       

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PDF, PPT, other Versions of these NoteTaking Bookmarks

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 Printable PDF - Collaboration Focus - NoteTaking Bookmark     

Printable PDF versions above each contain images of 3 bookmarks per page for printing 2-sided bookmarks

Editable, Formattable PPT File - NoteTaking Bookmark      

Slideshow introducing NoteTaking Bookmarks 

Welcome - In the Spirit of Open Source

The TLT Group encourages you to use, adapt, improve, and share these NoteTaking Bookmarks. 

Although this bookmark was initially designed for use in face-to-face events (e.g., conferences, workshops) with multiple sessions,  the procedure suggested below and the bookmark itself can easily be modified for use at multiple sites, multiple times, and for many other useful purposes.

We offer a variety of formats on this Web page for your use - in the spirit of Open Source.   

We look forward to your improvements, to your ideas, and to working with you.    

- Steve Gilbert, President, TLT Group, March, 2010

Some Rights Reserved by the TLT Group, a Non-Profit Corp. 


How/Why to Use NoteTaking Bookmarks

Identifying, Selecting, and Sharing Valuable Resources Found in Face-to-Face Events 

(e.g., in conferences, workshops with multiple sessions - where several colleagues might each learn about several different shareworthy low-threshold useful ideas and resources.) 

 Prior to Event        During Events  
 Sharing Further         Follow-Up 

Prior to Event:  Preparation of Bookmarks and Participants

  • Print enough of these two-sided paper bookmarks for each participant to use at least one in every session attended. 
  • Prepare and clearly announce and designate one or more locations where participants can offer to share some of the information they capture on their bookmarks with colleagues - colleagues who are at the event, or colleagues who are not able to participate. 
  • Prepare and clearly explain and widely announce how the resulting collection of synthesized bookmarks will be available.

During Event:  Individual Use of Bookmarks 

Whenever a participant encounters a "low-threshold" idea or resource or service that would be useful to him/herself or some colleagues, he/she tries to enter -  on a single bookmark - the minimum information necessary to enable and encourage someone to take the next step(s).  The feasibility of doing so confirms that the item is indeed "low-threshold" - easy to begin to learn and use, having low incremental cost, and non-threatening.  A small step in a useful direction.  

Of course, participants may encounter other valuable resources that are not "low-threshold" and not susceptible to this kind of capsulization.

Note: We already see opportunities to use this approach within a program that is intended to increase the number, frequency, and level of engagement of faculty in making improvements in teaching and learning in their own courses - within a short period of time, continuing and sustainable over a much longer time.  To do so, it is especially valuable to identify some themes or issues to use as guidelines for faculty members' selection and identification of specific shareworthy LTAs.  We are recommending the identification and use and support of a modest number (a dozen?) of these bookmarks at any one time.

Sharing Further - Extending the Results, Multiplying Access

Participants can be encouraged and invited to share some of the bookmarks they create.  

One or more locations can be designated for collection of bookmarks for the purpose of synthesis and sharing.
At sites, inexpensive digital scanners, digital cameras, and many "smart phones" can be used to make adequately legible digital copies of each bookmark in a few seconds.  Alternatively, participants can rapidly make (by hand) two copies of each bookmark they are willing to share.  They can leave one copy at the collection site and keep the other for themselves.  

The collected copies (paper or digital) can be easily manipulated to facilitate a rapid synthesis of multiple bookmarks that may have been written by different participants for the same resource.   Synthesized versions can easily, quickly, and inexpensively be made available online or distributed in print form.  

The resulting bookmarks, digital and printed, are intended to help encourage and enable faculty to share these resources with more colleagues, more easily, more often.

And Even Further... Follow-Up Event

Schedule a follow-up event a few months later in which faculty colleagues who did NOT participate in the first event (described above) are invited to make presentations about how THEY have already benefited from the work of those who did participate in the first event.  

Encourage and support each of those who participated in the first event and who submitted NoteTaking Bookmarks to help at least two or three colleagues who were not able to participate in the first event to begin to use one of the improvements described in one of the NoteTaking Bookmarks.   

Invite and encourage these new secondary beneficiaries to describe what they have accomplished,  and how they have benefited from the help of the first participants.  Also seek their advice about what additional support would have made it even easier and quicker to take better advantage of the work of the first participants.  And, ask for their suggestions and requests for additional support that would enable them - the secondary beneficiaries - each to help a few more colleagues to benefit from the resources and improvements identified by the first group.


And Even Further, Further ....

And, what should we do if we can produce many of these bookmarks?  Assemble and organize a collection?  Make available via MERLOT?   Develop clusters of them?

A Few Rights Reserved by the TLT Group, A Non-Profit Organization

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