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Engaging the Next 10%
Printing Nanovation Bookmarks
(or Modifying and Printing)

  • Intro
  • Print and distribute your own un-changed copies
  • Edit, print and distribute copies of your own modified version
  • New Alternative (2010 August) TLT Group PDF Templates
  • Tell me about a better option
  • Example
  • Practical Notes
      1. Why wide border lines
      2. YOUR Printer Settings
      3. Professional Printing/Copying Services


Google Docs tools are extremely useful for many purposes.  However, if you intend to print something and need to control its appearance precisely, Google Docs in general and Google Docs Presentations in particular, are quite difficult to format with certainty and consistency - especially if you want to make some changes to the document for your own purposes. 

So when you are ready to print and distribute copies of some of the bookmarks provided by the TLT Group as Google Docs and/or Google Doc Presentations, we recommend either of the following alternatives:

A.  Print and distribute your own un-changed copies

Download the PDF version that is already provided by the TLT Group (usually set up for printing 3 or 4 bookmarks per standard page printing 2-sided) or

B.  Edit, print and distribute copies of your own modified version

Download/export a PPT or similar version of the Google Doc Presentation provided by the TLT Group.  Format the downloaded file using MS PowerPoint or "Impress," or similar software.  Then print directly from your own new PPT-like file or convert it to your own printable PDF file.   

C.  New Alternative (2010 August) TLT Group PDF Templates

Use a template (editable PDF) provided by the TLT Group - requires only Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Tell me about a better option than either A, B, or C above!  

Thanks in advance.  Email to Steve Gilbert


You review the TLT Group's NoteTaking Bookmark and decide you want to use a version of it. 
If you want to print your own un-changed copies, you can use the PDF Version provided for this purpose by the TLT Group.
If you prefer to do some adaptations, you can download the Google Doc Presentation version and follow the steps described in part B above.


Why wide border lines - easier cutting, easier identifying

When cutting a sheet of multiple bookmarks, the wide colorful border lines are helpfully "forgiving."  It is often difficult to position the printed sheet of bookmarks precisely on the page, and often difficult to set a paper cutter precisely on a narrow line.  Wide border lines permit acceptable results even with a little error of either kind.  Using different border colors for different bookmarks makes it easy to identify which is which, especially if you have produced several different bookmarks.

YOUR Printer Settings

The final results of your efforts to print any versions of these paper bookmarks will depend on settings that may be idiosyncratic to your printer and to your software and .....    So, print a few test pages and make whatever adjustments you find necessary before printing the copies that you want to use.  

Professional Printing/Copying Services

I've had good luck with FedEx and some other printers - leaving PDF versions with them and letting them figure out how to print, duplicate, and cut (and best of all, even deliver) the results.  Some shops can manage all this online.

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