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Engaging the Next 10%
A BHW about BHWs 
BHW = Brief Hybrid Workshop

Brief intro to brief online and hybrid resources 
for teaching, learning, faculty development.

Purpose & Audience:  Introduce faculty members and other academic support professionals to what a BHW is and is not: especially that a BHW is not the same as any one of its essential elements.  Participants learn a little about why, how, when to use BHWs - and when not.  Participants want to learn more about BHWs and know at least one thing to do next.  This is for those who do not have time to redesign courses or faculty development programs but want to improve them;  who value participants' time too highly to risk a full class or meeting on something they have never tried before, and who want new ways to engage with students or faculty.

Plan A - 15 mins Plan A - 30 mins  

[Plan B]

Plan A - 15 mins

  • Intro

  • Play eClip

  • Interactivity - Use questions embedded in eClip What Is/Isn't a BHW?

  • Feedback

  • Closing

Plan A - 30 mins

  • Intro - History, orientation

  • Play eClip(s)

  • Interactivity - Questions embedded in eClip What Is/Isn't a BHW?

  • Play eClip or show related Websites, resources (e.g., ...

  • Feedback

  • Closing

Plan B

Same as above, but don't use an eClip;  instead, read main points aloud.


 Interactivities: Think-Pair-Share

Discussion Questions 
(embedded in eClip 
What Is/Isn't a BHW?):
1.  What are some teaching or learning situations for which a Brief Hybrid might be especially useful? 
2.  What are some teaching or learning situations for which a Brief Hybrid might be especially unlikely to help?


1 Minute - Think

4 Minutes - Discuss in small groups

2 Minutes - Report

More generic instructions about "Think-Pair-Share"...

Other Interactivities


eClip(s) Other Resources

What Is/Isn't BHW?

More...Not eClips


 Follow-up:  Feedback, Future Activities and Additional Resources

"Minute Paper"
Distribute 3X5 cards if necessary.  Ask every participant to answer briefly:  
1.  "What was the most important thing you learned during this session?"
2.  "What important question remains unanswered?"


More options...

*Please Personalize
Adapt to fit the abilities, preferences, needs of the learners AND the leader/presenters (teachers).

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