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Engaging the Next 10%
TLT Group Online Summer Symposium 2010 (3rd Annual)
Final Session
2-3pm EDT Friday September 10, 2010, October 1, 2010
Frugal Innovations for Student Engagement 

If you have trouble with audio via the Internet during this session, with luck you can participate via telephone.
Telephone 1-605-715-4900  then enter code:  
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Purpose of Session  
Exchange ideas,
Central question:   How/when will we share and build on symposium results with other colleagues?  
"Walk the Walk": Demonstrate some of the ideas, resources we identify or develop DURING this symposium!


0.  Orientation/Intro/Welcome
Introduce VOC (Sally Gilbert), Presenters, ...

Background - recap of 2010 Symposium findings, results, openings
If you build it.... only the usual 10% will come
Higher ed good at identifying, collecting, organizing good stuff; not good at getting people to use it
Goal: Engaging the 2nd 10%
Focus on Frugal Innovations for Student Engagement
Low-Hanging Fruit
Intentional Support for Collegial Sharing
"Action Research" emerging from Faculty interviews - interviews with consequences!
Help a few faculty get started, each help a few others, and so on!.......
Bookmarks as method and metaphor - GROWING COLLECTION, GROWING TEMPLATES, ...

<Please take a look at some of the nanovation paper bookmark templates! Changing very fast!>
See also - notes from SSG bottom of this page!

A.  Continuing Online Case Study:
Temple Univ. Mentoring Program
BRIEF Intro (more later) - Sheri Stahler & Pam Barnett

Dominique Kliger & colleagues from her Temple U. mentor/mentee group
Integrating technology into the campus classrooms 
to encourage students to:
1. Network with their peers for group projects, (outside of the classroom) via instant messaging tools such as Wimba Pronto and Google video;
2. Utilize Faculty/Librarian created Subject Guides when researching sources for their papers (Example: to enrich the quality of the academic content presented in student papers;
3. Have access to view/create online video course materials
by using Films on Demand, FLIP cameras, podcasting, ITUNES University.

What do you want? What can you offer?
IMPENDING TLTG LAB SERIES - Limited Enrollment - Experimental

Topics under consideration:
Tech options to help enable and encourage students to prepare more frequently and effectively for class meetings

[Launch with focus of value to Temple Univ Mentoring Prog?]
What can be done to improve likelihood of 2nd wave of beneficiaries in mentor/mentee program?
Which tech can help communities of practice?
Which tech can help mentor/mentee relations achieve their hopes/expectations?
What meeting, communications patterns/schedules work well for mentors/mentees?

Lab could begin Oct Tues 12 or 19 or Thurs 14 or 21 2pm EDT

Sample Tweet

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@tltgroup is launching a really interesting new online series. Learn about it &/or sign up at"

From/to this symposium? 
How your colleagues can participate?
Who will help bake this bread?  
Who can help prepare follow-up to the Symposium sessions and related activities?  
How/when will we share symposium results with other colleagues?

Last Few Minutes of Text Chat Transcript July 23, 2010 Pre-Session:

Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (15:21) How can we enable and encourage likely symposium paritcipants to invite each 1 otgher colleague to aprticipate who is NOT ins the 1st 10%;  and how do we engage those 2nd 10% folks in helping to explain how to reach them and what they need to share with collegaues too.  as
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (15:22) Beyond just inviting the next 5%....
John Munro, Univ of Virgin Island: (15:22) learn how to share as you learn what/things to share
Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: (15:22) Deal directly, overtly with such colleagues about BOTH the imporvement(s) in T/L  AND helping us figure out how better to support this kind of sharing!
John Munro, Univ of Virgin Island: (15:23) ur welcome    
John Munro, Univ of Virgin Island: (15:23) glad I lurked

Chat Transcript (sans private msgs)

Extracted from text chats from Symposium Sessions by SSG 20101001

August 2 and 9, 2010 symposium notes

Helping encourage, enable more students to prepare for class sessions

Steve Gilbert, TLT Group 2: Saundra: Strategy - give students very simple, very clear guidance about HOW to PREVIEW - in a way that seems easy, effective

idea--preview first sentence in each section or each paragraph? see bold words and italics? form 2-3 questions for instructor? what else?

Saundra McGuire: See for more info.

Saundra McGuire: On the website go to learnng strategies, and then on-line workshops.

MENTOR Program

Does anyone know of ANY other programs in which faculty grant applicants must specifically identify some mentees or other kinds of beneficiaries as part of the application process?

1. What is drawing the mentees to this? Mentors and mentees tenure/ tenure-track or adjunct faculty?

2. how the applicants found their Mentees? Any clues yet about what kinds of colleagues agreed to be Mentees?

3. When do you award the $$? What made you decide on the figure $2,000? Did any Mentors offer to split the stipend with the Mentees? Can stipend be sent to the depts and faculty use the money for travel, supplies, etc - so taxes are not an issue.

4. What is the profile of the mentors? Are they early adopters?

5. which academic disciplines did they represent? did you target any particular under utilizing disciplines?

6. What type of assessment will you conduct? In your assessment, will you assess the students in the targeted courses?

8. Beyond the initial meetings to talk about learner-centered pedagogy, what other formal sessions do you have?

9. What kinds of tech are they ordering besides iPads?

10.What kind of support does the library provide?

J voice thread - very neat tool

Steve Gilbert, TLT Group: SheriS e.g., VoiceThread

Is there a student learning center at Temple? If so, are they involved in any way?

Is there interaction among ''learning centers'' and ''teaching/learning centers''


Student representation is good, but a university wide learning center, such as those that are members of the National College Learning Center Association (NCLCA)would be very useful to students and faculty. The efforts of these centers is quite different (but complementary) to teaching and learning centers (which have a faculty focus.)

I like the idea of mentoring the mentors

-Mentor the Mentors who Mentor the Mentees!

I like the idea of mentoring the TLTR too

Summary of TLT Group's work on "Frugal Innovations for Student Engagement" (FISE) & 2009 Online Symposium
(Workshops, Nanovation, Bookmarks, Interviews)
FISE Resources already available - intro

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