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Engaging the Next 10%
TLT Group Online Summer Symposium 2010 (3rd Annual)
Session 3:  
Programmatic Support for Frugal Innovation 
(Especially Collegial Sharing)

Building on and out from this Symposium

Next Steps, 
How can we help (each other)?

2-3pm EDT Monday August 16, 2010
Frugal Innovations for Student Engagement 

If you have trouble with audio via the Internet during this session, with luck you can participate via telephone.
Telephone 1-605-715-4900  then enter code:  
Slides "published version"  <>


Welcome, Purpose, Agenda

Focus on Programmatic Support for Frugal Innovation (Especially Collegial Sharing).  Next Steps:  Build on and out from this Symposium
Summary:  What to Share AND How to Share;  How to use Paper Bookmarks better for collegial sharing;  Alternatives to paper bookmarks for collegial sharing (esp. taking advantage of widely available "old" options and widely available new options - e.g., social networking)
  • Continue to exchange ideas and "Walk the Walk": Demonstrate some of the ideas, resources we identify or develop DURING this symposium!
  • Central questions: 
    • How can we help (each other)?
    • How/when will we share symposium results with other colleagues? 


1. How we use and improve materials (combination of BHW Webpage and Paper Bookmark) developed for  of Saundra McGuire's "Preview-Class-Review" Link to Bookmark - View as Google Doc - Download Optional

2. What tool(s) would be esp. helpful to faculty trying to get students to submit questions and rank them in advance of class?

3.  How can each of us use a bookmark or alternative to get 2 or 3 colleagues to participate and benefit from follow-up and prep between Aug 16 and Sept 10?

New - Institutional Support for FI/Collegial Sharing - Interactive Case Studies

New Ideas, Info - esp. Institutional support for Collegial Sharing of T/L Improvements

St. Xavier University (SXU)

Northern Arizona University (NAU) 

More findings from TLTG Nanovation Interviews, etc.  NOTE-TAKING BOOKMARKS

15 Minute Challenge for Symposium

What could the Symposium participants (incl. TLT Group staff) do to share Symposium resources with colleagues outside this group who are only able and willing to be available 5 (or 15) mins for this purpose?

3.  How can each of us use a bookmark or alternative to get 2 or 3 colleagues to participate and benefit from follow-up and prep between Aug 16 and Sept 10?

Are there specific categories of colleagues we should try to reach in this way? Librarians? "Next 10%" of the faculty? "This is really easy.... just telling a couple people about something new, helpful, easy to use, that has already begun helping me.... and i know that it works here at our institution (dept)..." What's harder? Follow-up, support, sustenance, confirmation that the beneficiary has begun... and, a littel later - has helped a couple others too." Decide HOW EACH OF US CAN SHARE the Shareworthy Resources, Ideas

How can we extend the use of whatever mechanisms we develop for the interactive portions of today's session? Asynchronously or synchronously between now (Aug 16) and Sept 10 2pm EDT - next scheduled Symposium session - recap and updates?
How can we follow-up, get updates/requests FROM YOU between now and that Sept 10 session?
ASYNCH? ONLINE? PHONE? SYNCH? Should Steve Gilbert personally phone/Skype each of you?
What is at least one online asynch option that will be useful in itself for this symposium between Aug 16 and Sept 10? Support and engage current participants and others?
AND it would have some features that would fit with some of the goals of the Temple U Mentor/Mentee program's commitment to supporting a "community of practice"
AND it would have some features that would fit well with some of the TLT Group's emerging goals for engaging more frequently and actively with individual members.
Which features would be important?
Rank order those features to identify a few most important
Identify at least one option that fits well and launch it (almost) immediately
[Either the option TLTG pre-selects or another that some participant(s) recommend as significantly better - and that we can evaluate and launch it within one or two days.]
Example: Bookmark about Temple U. Mentor/Mentee Program Application; Saundra Class Preview BHW - grad student produce the bhw?; Bookmark about FridayLive! - sept 10; + list of ideas from the symposium chat transcripts, etc. [Sally! ]

Closing - Who will help bake this bread? 

What else/more during this acad year? On Friday afternoons online? Other times/places?
What do you want? What can you offer? Who else should you/we invite? 
How could more of your colleagues participate?  How/when will we (includes YOU)  share symposium results with other colleagues?

Want to help work on the Frugal Innovations Handbook? Schedule of development, production?

More re: Paper Bookmarks - Method, Model, Metaphor

Intro/Prep for Session 3 Aug 16

Why Paper Bookmarks? Excerpt:

"Nanovation: Self-sustaining peer-to-peer dissemination and implementation of small, important steps on a path to bigger improvements in teaching and learning with technology - toward incremental exponential revolution.

These paper bookmarks can be used as both an illustration and a metaphor for low-cost, low-threshold dissemination – a positive, constructive, moral, academic version of “viral marketing” “chain letters” and “Ponzi Schemes”.

One of these bookmarks is similar to a Twitter "Tweet", or - sometimes - a haiku.

I'm looking for the "smallest" most "low-threshold" options for increasing and sustaining collegial sharing of improvements in teaching and learning (with technology) - Steve Gilbert

Resources already available 

<Please take a look at some of the nanovation paper bookmark templates!>

Only Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to edit and/or print these PDF templates.
    • Latest, Best Template - In this form (Google Doc upload) you can view the document with any browser;  if you decide to print and/or edit you must download a copy.  
    • Latest, Best Template - Clicking on this link should automatically launch a download of the PDF to your computer.

Instructions for editing, printing paper bookmark templates
Suggestions, Requests1. Suggestions for alternatives to paper bookmarks 
(e.g., Web pages, Tweets, office visits, phone calls, ...)

2. Requests for specific paper bookmarks or paper bookmark templates

Chat Transcript (sans private msgs)

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