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Frugal Innovations for Improving Teaching/Learning
Engaging the Next 10%

Faculty Sharing - Small Steps in the Right Direction

Topic of the Week
Frugal Innovations
for Student Engagement

Topic of the Week Nov 9, 2010

TLTR Now!(?)

WORKING NOTES -  Caveat Emptor

"PARADISE, PARADIGM, PARADOX": Applying concept of TLTR NOW! TLTR meets Frugal Innovation! Getting beyond falling into old patterns/habits

NEW CHALLENGE: Matching unrecognized resources with unrecognized needs
Time for Frugal Innovations for Student Engagement, Adapting TLT Roundtables
See: TLT-SWG-70   Part I:  Necessity is the Mother of Self-Deception & 
Part II: How to Make Small Mistakes and Real Progress 
(Instead of Big Mistakes and Fail).

Overabundance + Overload/Underattention + Ingrained Limits [Trained self-denial] 
OVERABUNDANCE of GOOD STUFF - NEW IMPROVEMETNS/RESOURCES/CAPABILITIES and INCREASING DIFFICULTY OF GETTING ATTENTION FROM THOSE WHO COULD BENEFIT - POTENTIAL BENEFICIARIES.  AND THE INABILITY OF MOST POTENTIAL BENEFICIARIES TO RECOGNIZE THAT THEY HAVE A NEED THAT CAN BE MET BY ONE OF THE NEW IMPROVEMETNS;  in most cases they have become acclimated to a set of limits and boundaries that seem immutable and unquestionable - and they have learned how to cope within those limits and boundaries so that they do not perceive/feel a need to change them and they do not realize that new options have made those old boundaries permeable - have made holes in the boundaries - have removed the old limits... so people continue to work within the old boundaries/limits because of habit, comfort and unawareness of alterntatives.  SO THEY CANNOT ARTICULATE THE NEEDS THAT WOULD BE MET BY THE NEW RESOURCES BECAUSE THEY HAVE LEARNED TO LIVE WITH THE OLD LIMITS AND HOW TO SUCCEED IN PART BY NOT PAYING ATTENTION TO OR WORRYING ABOUT THE OLD LIMITS.
The new challenge is NOT to assemble and organize good stuff (because Google continues to strive to make almost anything FINDABLE - if you know how to ask for it - which requires knowing that you need it)  the new challenge is to help POTENTIAL BENEFICIARIES recognize
BOTH their own needs and the matching resources that could now help them! That can be done in part by respected colleagues who have somehow already managed to make one of those connections themselves and can CREDIBLY explain both the need and the resource in terms that are meaningful and respectful (ideally!).

Jean Bennett Ursinus - catch up - adobe
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Why TLTR? Why now? Includes 
TLT-SWG-70: Necessity is the Mother of Self-Deception – 
Part I  and ref to 
Part II: How to Make Small Mistakes and Real Progress

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