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Frugal Innovations for Student Engagement:
Collegial Sharing of Improvements

Lilly Greensboro 2011
10:15-11:30AM Friday, February 4, 2011
Tidewater A

Purpose:   Develop and share small, useful ways to support more effective, widespread, and rapid collegial sharing of improvements in teaching and learning with technology.

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I.  Introduction - Slideshow  Presentation


FISE, Nanovation
Improvements in Teaching/Learning with Technology
Shareworthiness, Low-Threshold, Shareability
Intentional Support for Collegial Sharing
Nanovation Interviews

II.  Activities

A.  Individually

Identify shareworthy, low-threshold, shareable improvements from your own experience and/or activities at Lilly Conference


A.   Select one improvement

B.   Agree on a description.
Complete a NoteTaking Bookmark (Paper or Online Option)
Minimum:  Brief title;  brief description; at least one reference (URL/link, article, ...); contact information for someone willing to answer questions or provide a little additional support
[If you agree to work on one of the improvements suggested by one of you, use this time to clarify, revise, sharpen the text - ask each other tough, helpful questions!]

Example of a shareworthy, low-threshold, shareable improvement - produced by small group during workshop Feb 4, 2011
"Learn, Teach, Learn" Activity
1.  Students learn a new concept
2.  Students prepare to teach this specific concept to peer students, using "their own way of teaching"
3.  Students teach this specific concept to  [some? many? one? optional?] peer students

Copy of paper bookmark first draft produced by this group and scanned with permission (click on this image to see a larger, more legible version):

C.  Develop a sharing strategy

Each strategy should help one person to enable and encourage 3 more colleagues try similar improvements and then, in turn, help 3 more colleagues, and so on....
i.  Think of 3 receptive colleagues who might benefit from learning about your improvement - and who might be likely to help others - jot down their initials to help you recall later whom you intended to help.
ii.  Develop a strategy to use paper bookmarks for this purpose
iii. If time permits (or the paper bookmark is not a good fit for your improvement) develop a different kind of strategy for the same purpose.

III.  Conclusion

  • Report results in this session. 
  • Time permitting, discuss other ideas for using paper bookmarks at your own institution or at this conference.
  • Complete more NoteTaking bookmarks during this conference and leave them in the wicker basket in the conference registration area.
  • Send results or inquiries to
  • Participate in FridayLive! - present, observe, engage!  Every Friday 2:00pm Eastern. [Special today:  3:15pm Eastern - John Zubizarreta, Prof. of Year

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