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Engaging the Next 10%
I.  Introduction
Frugal Innovations for Student Engagement in Online & Campus Courses 
Online Presentation Modules: Steven W. Gilbert, President, TLT Group

Review this Plan/Agenda, Do Part I

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  • Participants identify and share Frugal Innovations (LTAs)
  • Participants select and focus on a few LTAs
  • Task - Select one shareworthy, shareable improvement (LTA)

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  • Participants use templates to develop resources that support rapid sharing of the selected LTAs (e.g., paper bookmarks, 1-screen Web pages, Tweets, ...)
  • Participants share resources within this workshop and beyond
  • Task - Develop paper bookmark (and a plan to use it to share your improvement with colleagues)

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  • Task - 

How?  Overview


articipants identify shareworthy and shareable teaching/learning improvements.

Participants learn about and develop resources, 

services, and activities that support more effective, widespread, and 

rapid collegial sharing of these improvements.  More....

Essential ideas, terms, examples
     Frugal Innovations, LTAs, Nanovation
     (e.g., eClips, clickers, smart phones, Google tools). 

  • Definition
  • Shareworthy
  • Shareable - Low-Threshold
  • Intentional Support for Collegial Sharing
  • Nanovation Interviews

Importance of narrowing the field - selecting a theme or issue 
Narrow enough to help participants rapidly select a single improvement in the next module
Important enough for all participants to believe their work in the next modules will be worth their time and effort.

Task A - Identify Conditions that Facilitate/Impede 

Collegial Sharing

Identify characteristics or conditions that make it more/less likely that colleagues share improvements in teaching and learning

Consider the kinds of shareworthy, shareable, low-threshold course improvements discussed in this module.   Answer the following questions - make some notes or use the online form provided so that the results will be helpful in the next modules of this workshop.

1.  Has a colleague helped you make a modest improvement in one of your courses?  
If so, what conditions made that possible? [Could include characteristics of the colleague!]
If not, what conditions have prevented that kind of collegial sharing?

2.  What conditions make it likely that you will share improvements with colleagues at your institution within the next month?

3.  What conditions make it unlikely that you will share improvements with colleagues at your institution within the next month?

Task B - OPTIONAL - Confirm or Modify Theme/Issue
Confirm that the theme/issue identified is important enough and narrow enough.  If not, discuss and amend.

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