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Engaging the Next 10%

III.  Collegial Sharing 

of Teaching/Learning Improvements

Frugal Innovations for Student Engagement in Online & Campus Courses 
Online Presentation Modules: Steven W. Gilbert, President, TLT Group

Develop (small, useful, "low-threshold") strategies and resources to support more effective, widespread, and rapid collegial sharing of improvements in teaching and learning with technology.   


Download, print template for paper bookmark - enough copies to distribute 1 or 2 copies per participant.

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Guidelines & Presentation

[Recorded Media Presentation]

Each strategy should help one person to enable and encourage 3 more colleagues try similar improvements and then, in turn, help 3 more colleagues, and so on....

1.  Model, Metaphor, Medium - Paper Bookmarks
Online form for sharing info about teaching/learning improvements - via Nanovation Bookmarks

Elements of Paper Bookmarks (and related Web pages)
Here's just enough help to begin
trying this improvement in learning &
teaching. Usually even better along
with brief conversation, Web
resources. See Side B.

Teaching/Learning Activity
(& Likely Benefits, Beneficiaries)

Technology Application, Activity

 Notes, Link(s), Ref(s)

Contact (self, other resource person)

Name ________________

Institution _____________

Title _________________

Email ________________

2.  Alternate Strategies
For the same purpose
Same characteristics (mostly)

Task - Develop paper bookmark 
           (and a plan to use it to share your improvement with colleagues)
In previous module, you identified a single shareworthy, shareable improvement (LTA).  The following steps refer to that particular improvement.

1.  Identify minimal information
Identify the minimal first steps required to begin making this improvement, and the minimal information (reminders) necessary for a colleague to begin to take those steps.
Keep in mind that the available space for these words is quite limited - e.g., paper bookmark.
Worksheet available

2.  Fill in the paper bookmark template
            *TLT Group Members Only Editable version 

3.  Identify 3 receptive beneficiaries
Identify at least three colleagues who are among the most likely to benefit from this improvement and the most likely to welcome your efforts to help them do so.  I.e., don't worry about the most reluctant colleagues, instead, pick the "low-hanging fruit".  Even better, select colleagues who might, in turn, also be inclined and able to help a few more colleagues make similar improvements and help spread this improvement even further.

4.  Plan how to help these colleagues
Thinking of these three colleagues, decide how you will use that paper bookmark within the next few weeks to help them begin to take advantage of this improvement.  How might you find or create circumstances conducive to this kind of helpful collegial sharing?  What else can you do - still using a version of the paper bookmarks - if your first attempts don't succeed as you hope?

Plan(s) B
Alternate strategies, resources for the same purpose.

Is the "paper bookmark" approach likely to be ineffective or inappropriate for your colleagues?  If so, why?  

Even if you believe the paper bookmark approach will work, it may still be helpful to develop an alternative strategy that has some of the same basic characteristics;  i. e., requires minimal preparation, interaction, expense, ...


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