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Engaging the Next 10%

Transform AND Preserve

As this difficult year ends, please support the TLT Group with a donation if you can and reflect on these “Fundamental Questions” at the heart of our work.  

Think about the kinds of change that might happen to your students, your colleagues, your institution, and yourself.    
What should be transformed?  What should be preserved?  How?

1.  What do you most want to gain?
2.  What do you most cherish and want not to lose?

We asked these 2  questions of thousands of colleagues at hundreds of colleges and universities in the late 1990s.  We were inspired by their thoughtful responses.  They told us they wanted to embrace new opportunities without sacrificing principles … and without losing the valuable connections between learners and teachers.  

In 2010 we’ve been asking more questions and we’ve been listening to your answers.  So we know we’re beginning a decade like the 1990s - only more so.  More people need higher education - just as college and university budgets are tightening and new online options are multiplying.  No one knows exactly where we’re going or how we’ll get there, but the TLT Group is ready to help you keep improving and avoid irreversible damage - to take advantage of sensible new technology through collaborative change. So, in the spirit of our new Frugal Innovation initiative, we’re also asking these new Fundamental Questions for Frugal Innovation:

3.   What are some worthwhile improvements we can make quickly and easily?  
[Small steps]

4. How can we share more widely improvements that work well enough?   How can we support collegial sharing?

5. How can we ensure additional improvements after these? And after those? And so on...?

6.   How can we help more people take advantage more easily and more often
      of resources to which they are already entitled?

How can we reclothe the emperor?   e.g., not only expose new misleading claims about online education as panacea, but also offer practical guidance?

We’d like your support and participation in 2011.  Please help us to:
  • Continue to offer a free weekly online sessions.
  • Develop our Book Group series online to help focus attention and yes, reading, on important issues.  (Overload, Accessibility, etc.)
  • Test and share web tools which qualify as effective frugalities.
  • Work with institutions which are building or rebuilding their TLT Roundtables
  • Provide weekly updates
  • Extend our interview activities

You can become a member of the TLT Group, make a donation, or encourage your institution to subscribe.   

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