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Engaging the Next 10%
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Purpose:  Identify and Share Resources, References, Recommendations 

Google Docs

To help you share Frugal Innovations for Student Engagement with your colleagues, you are welcome to rename, edit, use, and share your own versions of the Google Doc templates and samples offered on this Web page - a few rights reserved.
To do so, if you have a Google Account (available free) you can:
1.  Create a new blank Google Doc (or Google Presentation, etc.) 
2.  Open the template or sample. 
3.  "Select All" and "Copy" the contents of the template or sample.
4.  Paste the copy into your own newly created document - which will then include all the same links, etc. as the original.

A Few Rights Reserved by the TLT Group, A Non-Profit Organization

Note:  You can probably create a Web page more visually appealing than this one.    
Please send us a link when you do.  Steve Gilbert, President, TLT Group, 301 270 8312

To participate, or for more information, contact Sally Gilbert
301 270 8312