Engaging the Next 10%
Students Prepare for Class
Shareworthy, Shareable Improvements in Teaching and Learning with Technology

Frugal Innovations for Student Engagement

Improve students' learning and faculty teaching  (in a classroom or online) without requiring much additional faculty time.  

Enable, encourage and engage faculty and other academic professionals to:
  • Identify  modest course improvements that rely on readily available low-threshold resources and that are likely to advance worthwhile educational goals - at least a little almost immediately and with the potential for greater cumulative impact.
  • Develop plans and materials that make it easy to share these improvements with colleagues.  The sharing process should require only a  few minutes of demonstration or discussion accompanied by no more written information than can fit within a single paper bookmark.
  • Demonstrate ways of supporting the implementation, adaptation, and further sharing of these improvements.
  • Collect and report information about the progress of these efforts in ways helpful to those who influence the future allocation of staff time, budget and other resources for the continuation of this work.

Confirm that each of these TLT course improvements is worthwhile in itself.  Even the modest effort required to begin using the improvement is easily justified by some of its likely initial consequences.   The minimum introduction should also be adequate for beginning additional incremental improvements in the same valuable direction.

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