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Engaging the Next 10%
Preview-Class-Review (PCR Study Cycle)
Applied Metacognition: Help more students prepare more often and 
more effectively for class.

Frugal Innovations for Student Engagement

Increase the frequency and effectiveness of students' preparation for class meetings (in a classroom or online) without requiring much additional faculty time.  

Advice (Briefest Summary)  
Guide students to PREVIEW most reading assignments in preparation for course meetings (instead of coaxing them to read entire assignments in advance of each meeting) .   In addition, guide students to read and review the assignments after class meetings.   

Introductory Resources

[Based on the work of the LSU Center for Academic Success

and other resources.]

Saundra McGuire introduces the The PARSA Study Cycle and recommends guiding students to PREVIEW reading assignments in preparation for course meetings.  This approach, based on concepts and findings from Supplemental Instruction and Metacognition (see references below), can notably increase the frequency and effectiveness of students' preparation for class. 
PARSA:  Preview Attend Review Study Assess

To see a graphic summary of the Study Cycle more clearly, click this link (alternative: download full size copy by clicking on the image below or click on this link for PDF version).

Additional Help
with First Steps

Contact Person
Saundra McGuire
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Learning and Teaching
Professor, Department of Chemistry
Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge
ALSO:  Other colleagues at LSU Center for Academic Success
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